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Those Tassels on the Boots

By Raymond

New York: B. W. Hitchcock (1869)

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[Verse 1]
‘Twas at a Fancy Ball, I met my charmer fair,
‘Midst waltzing Swells and dashing Belles,
The prettiest dancer there.
I watch’d her while the music play’d
The latest Waltz of Coote’s,
And fell in love, no not with her,
With the Tassels on her Boots,
Oh! Yes,

Those tassels on the Boots
A style I’m sure that suits,
Our lovely girls with hair in curls,
Those tassels on the Boots

[Verse 2]
I watch’d her up the stairs.
Where we to supper went,
Upon those tassels on her boots,
My soul was so intent;
They asked me to propose a health,
Said I here’s one that suits,
So fill you glasses up and drink
To the tassels on the boots.
I meant to drink the ladies health but I
could think of nothing but


[Verse 3]
I asked this Girl “if I Might call, “ she said, “you may,
But tell me why you gaze upon
The ground in such a way?
You’re sad perhaps, for life is full
Of very bitter fruits;”
“Oh no,” I said, “I’m looking at
Those tassels on your boots.”
What is a more lovely sight when you
walk down Broadway than to look at


[Verse 4]
I call’d on her next day,
And Cupid’s cruel shoots,
Soon made me throw myself before,
Those tassels on her boots;
Now when we’re married, and we’ve got,
A lot of little toots,
I’ll make them, whether boys or girls,
Wear tassels on their boots.
If I were to have fifty children they should
everyone wear those pretty, pretty, pretty



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