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Nellie Wildwood

Song and Chorus
Written and Composed by W.;S. Pitts
Author of "Ally Ray" Little Brown Church & C
Published by Lynn and Healy Clark & Washington Sts.
D Ditson and Co.
St. Paul
Manger Bros.
T.H. Ditson and Co.
C.W.A. Trumpler
Western News Co


I will come to your home,
Nellie Wildwood,
In the spring when the wild flow’rs bloom,
When the birds shall return, Nellie Wildwood,
From the South land to sing round thy home;
When the warm breath of May, Nellie Wildwood,
Shall come like a fairy o’er the lea, To kiss evry flow’r, Nellie Wildwood,
That blooms like a gem by the sea.

The long winter days, Nellie Wildwood,
Go by with their slow dreary hours, And I pine for the time, Nellie Wildwood,
When spring time shall come with her flow’rs;
For then I will haste, Nellie Wildwood, Away to thy dear happy home,
Where we last said goodbye, Nellie Wildwood,
“Good Bye” till the spring time shall come.

When long years have flown, Nellie Wildwood,
And folded our lives as the year, Oh! then at the gate, Nellie Wildwood,
We’ll wait for the angels to come, To bear us a-way, Nellie Wildwood,
Away to that bright happy home.


Coming in the spring Nellie Wildwood,
Coming when the dews kiss the fern,
Coming when the flowers are the sweetest,
Never more to part Nellie Wildwood
Never more to long for the spring

Coming when the flowers are the sweetest
Coming when the birds shall return
Ever more to live darling Nellie
Where the blessed angels sing.



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