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Three Green Bonnets

Words by H. L. Harris

Music by Guy D’Hardelot

New York: Edward Schuberth & Co. (1901)

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[Verse 1]
Three green bonnets at church one day,
(Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May);
Three green bonnets that nod in a row,
Each bonnet tied with a green ribbon bow;
One pair of blue eyes,
And one pair of gray,
And one pair of brown eyes
For, Dorothy May.

[Verse 2]
Three little heads at the close of day,
(Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May);
Three little heads of clustering curls,
Three little beds, and three little girls;
Brown eyes are sleeping, and blue eyes, and gray,
But angels are peeping at Dorothy May.

[Verse 3]
Three green bonnets have had their day,
(Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy may);
Three green bonnets grown old unawares
Hang on three pegs at the front of the stairs,
And blue eyes are swollen,
And so are the gray,
For angels have stolen
Dear Dorothy May!


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