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Neapolitan Love Song (T'amo)

Lyric by Henry Blossom

Music by Victor Herbert

New York: M. Witmark & Sons (1915)

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[Verse: English]
‘Tis ev’ning and the sun is at rest,
The shadows now fall.
In the heavens a radiant star is shining
And softly, as the night drops her sable mantle o’er all,
There’s a night in gale singing of his love for a rose!
Madly my heart is beating
As I long for my hour of meeting!
Vision of beauty and grace!
I awaiting you embrace!
Ah! Vein! Seimia!

[Verse: Italian]
Oh note di pro fumi di sogne d’amore.
Chi are stele lucent nel firmament
O fiori, bianca luna, o mare o vento,
Sussurate le voila canzo ne del cor.
Dolce cantor notturno che gorghegi l’amor la rosa
Se volia le I d’attorno
Canta per me cosi!
O fior di Rosa!

[Refrain: English]
Sweet one!
How my heart is yearning
Ever with you to be!
Love light in your dear eyes burning,
Steadfast, faithful and true to me!
Tell me!
When shall I again caress you?
Kiss you?
Only tell me when?
Ah, me! I long to press you,
Darling, fondly within my arms again!

[Refrain: Italian]
T'amo fanciulla tanto
Piu della vita mia
Ardo per te soltanto d'amor di gelossia!
Dimmi che mi vuoi bene
Ba Ciami una volta 'ancor
Vieni sordiam le pene sogne remo ancor,
ancor d'amor!


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