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Oh! How I Wish I Could Sleep Until My Daddy Comes Home

Words by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young

Music by Pete Wendling

New York: Waterson, Berlin, Snyder & Co. (1918)

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[Verse 1]
"Early to bed,
Early to rise,"
I heard a mother say to her angel eyes;
"Dream of your Dad,
My little lad,
Don't wake until the sun appears; in the skies,"
"I hate the sunshine," he said,
"It makes me get out of bed.

Oh! how I wish I could sleep, until my Daddy comes home;
Oh! mamma why must we always be, all alone?
I miss him more evry day,
How can you ask me to play;
You're always sighing and crying, since he went away;
Last night I heard Daddy call,
But I was dreaming thats all;
He kissed me, and he said,
Go to bed, my own;"
Oh! mamma, that's when I thought,
God made the night time too short;
Oh! how I wish I could sleep.
Until my Daddy comes home."

[Verse 2]
Two little eyes,
Dotted with tears,
They tell a story full of darkness and fears;
Two shoulders bear
Sorrow and care,
A weight too great for just a baby in years,
"Mamma," the laddie explains,
Sunshine brings nothing but pains.




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