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Ed Rose
Abe Olman

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Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh

Words by Ed Rose

Music by Abe Olman

Chicago: Forster Music Publisher Inc. (1917)

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[Verse 1]
All the girls are crazy ‘bout a certain little lad,
Altho’ he’s very, very bad,
He could be, oh, so good when he wanted to.
Bad or good he understood ‘bout love and other things,
For ev’ry girl in town followed him around,
Just to hold his hand and sing:

Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! How you can love!
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Heavens above!
You make my sad heart jump with joy,
And when you’re near I just can’t sit still a minute,
I’m so, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny!
Please tell me dear
What makes me love you so?
You’re not handsome, it’s true
But when I look at you,
I just, Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh!

[Verse 2]
Johnny tried his best to hide from ev’ry girl he knew,
But even this he couldn’t do,
For they would follow him most ev’rywhere.
Then his friends got him to spend a week or two at home.
It’s worse than before, ‘cause the girl next door
Hollers thru the telephone:




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