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Oh Miss Malinda

or When Evening Time Comes Round

Words and Music by Bonita & Max Armstrong

Chicago: Will Rossiter (1908)

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[Verse 1]
The evening bells were tolling,
You see two sweethearts strolling
They're in a quiet country town
And tales of love he's speaking,
A cozy nook they're seeking,
While moon shines brightly down
The time is lightly flying, the maiden is a sighing
All nature seems in sympathy
Then said the lad since I met you,
I dream the whole day through,
And wait 'till evening time comes 'round.

Oh Miss Malinda tell me whats there to hinder
If I love you dear and you love me dear
Why can't we happy be
Now then Miss Malinda promise that 'neath your window
In all your splendor
You will surrender,
When evening time comes 'round.

[Verse 2]
I wakeup in the morning,
Just as the day is dawning,
And my first thoughts are all of you
At work I'm always lagging, the time is always dragging,
I don't know what to do
And when the sun is setting,
I'm fuming and a fretting,
It seems as if t'would ne'er go down
Because I know t'will soon be time to meet you honey mine,
Just soon as evening time comes 'round.




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