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Allen J. Flynn

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Oh, Moon of the Summer Night (Tell My Mother Her Boy’s All Right)

Words and music by Allen J. Flynn

New York: Al. Piantadosi & Co. (1918)

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[Verse 1]
Over There,
The silv’ry moon was shining,
Over There,
A solider boy while pining,
To the moon pleaded,
And if it heeded
This is what it heard him say, Oh!

Moon, of the summer night,
Your silv’ry beams bring me dreams,
of the loved ones way back home,
Could you only tell them all,
That I’m safe tonight,
How it would cheer up the loved ones far across the foam,
Over yonder in the golden west,
My mother’s praying,
And the little girl I love the best,
Is praying too,
So I’m asking you,
Oh! Moon,
Won’t you send your light,
And tell my mother for me, cross the sea,
Her boy’s alright.

[Verse 2]
Over Here,
The night was dark and dreary,
Over Here,
Two loving hearts were weary,
Sweetheart and mother,
Asking each other,
Will our Soldier boy return, Oh!



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