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Oh! Sing no more!

Ballad (with Chorus Ad. Lib.)

Poetry by Edith Walford,

Music by Frank Horton.

Albany: Charles W. Harris (1868)

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[Verse 1]
Oh sing no more, for I am sad,
And your plaintive, gentle air,
Brings back the lost days of my youth,
And the old, old aching care!
I think of the long hours I spent,
They all come back again,
Like phantoms of the dismal past
With sorrow in their train,
I think of friends who’ve gone before
Of friends who loved me well;
Oh the anguish of sweet friendships lost
None but the sad can tell.

So sing no more by twilight; love,
Sad songs that make me wee;
But let me look at your dear face
And while looking fall asleep.

[Verse 2]
So Sing no more but let me sleep
And when I wake again
Sit by with your sweet good face,
Till I forget my pain,
And tell me all your loving thoughts
And put your hand in mine
The warm soft hand I love so well,
The hand that’s mine and thine
So sing no more by twilight love,
Sad songs that make me weep:
But let me look at your dear face
And looking fall asleep.




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