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Ed Rose
Abe Olman

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Oh! Susie behave

By the writers of “Oh! Johnny Oh!”

Words by Ed Rose

Music by Abe Olman

New York: McCarthy & Fisher (1918)

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[Verse 1]
Susie was a nurse pretty little nurse and she won renown,
She has eyes that said “be careful,”
Still the boys kept hanging ‘round.
When she’d hold the hand of an injured man,
temper’tures flew high;
Each pulse would leap to fever heat then you’d hear the victim cry:

Oh! Susie Oh! Susie Oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Susie behave the Doctor takes my pulse ev’ry night,
Then you come ‘round and Zip!
There goes my resolutions
Oh! Susie Oh! Susie I have tried to be brave
I’ve been thru many a fight but when you’re near me at night
Oh! Oh! Susie behave.

[Verse 2]
Susie had become, loved by evry one who came there to rest
There were lots who had heart trouble
But not one would dare confess.
Time flew quickly by people wondred why, not one had come out,
But they began to understand when they heard the inmates shout.




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