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Julian Munoz

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Oh! Where Art Thou

Words by Rosa,

Music by Julian Munoz.

Louisville: D. P. Faulds & Co. (1860)

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[Verse 1]
Oh! where art thou, upon my brow,
The ocean breeze is falling chill,
And twilight pale her purple vail
Folds softly round the distant hill the distant hill,
From marshes damp, with ambar lamp,
The mistic fire flies slowly steal,
And on each flower, this witching hour,
Has gently pressed its derry seal!
Ah! Ah!

[Verse 2]
The moon is up; night’s sapphire cup,
Is fill’d full of starry wine,
That, brimming o’er, it seems to pour
Into the blue and billows brine, and billows brine;
For e’en as shine those eyes of thine,
Upon my heart when thou art far,
The stars engrave upon each wave,
The shadowy image of a star.
Ah! Ah!

[Verse 3]
Along the beach the seagull’s speech
Comes sadly, like a voice of dole;
But hark! I hear they footstp near,
And music seems to thrill my soul.
I breathe thy name; and winged with flame,
The moonbeams thro’ the clustering boughs
Now seem to pour; so cold before
I listened to thy whispered vows.



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