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Nobody But You

Words by Arthur J. Jackson and B. G. De Sylva (Buddy Gard)

Music by George Gershwin

New York: T.B. Harms and Francis, Day & Hunter, and Jerome H. Remick & Co. (1919)

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Many queens I have seen,
On the stage and the screen
Who, would never do.
Billie Burke, Alice Joyce none of them were my choice,
But when I met you.
My thumping heart,
From the very start,
Knew right away dear,
That’s why I say dear.

Nobody but you.
Nobody will do.
I have seen them all,
But didn’t fall,
Until I saw you.
Who’s locked in my heart,
Who’s my little Yum Yum?
Honey tell me who,
You know its nobody but you


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