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A Desert Love Song

Lyrics by Henry Erskine Smith

Music by Frederick J. Bacon

New York: H. E. Smith (1918)

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[Verse 1]
In thy tent now safely slumber Nourmaleen,
Here in darkness, I thy lover all unseen
Up above the stars are shining in the sky
All is silent on the desert,
But my sigh.

Through thy tent door just a moment,
Show thine eye,
Then I'll know that thou dost love me,
Else I die
Stars above are not so splendid as thine eyes
Desert flowers shame beside thee,
Droop in sighs

Nourmaleen, hot tears are coursing down my face,
Listen to thy desert lover for a space
In thy dreaming through thy slumber,
Hear my cry,
Breathe my name in soft tones tender else i die.



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