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Oh! Frenchy

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Oh! Frenchy

Words by Sam Ehrlich

Music by Con Conrad

New York: Broadway Music Corporation (1918)

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[Verse 1]
Rosie Green was a village queen,
Who enlisted as a nurse
She waited for a chance
And left for France with an Ambulance,
Rosie Green met a chap named
Jean, a soldier from Paree,
When he said, “Parlevous my pet”
She said, “I will but not just yet,”
When he’d speak in French to her,
She’d answer lovingly,

Oh Frenchy, Frenchy,
Although your language is so new to me,
When you say, “Oui oiu, la la”
“We” means you and me, la la-
Oh! Frenchy, Oh Frenchy, Frenchy,
You’ve won my love with your bravery,
March on, March on, with any girl you see,
But when you la la la la la,
Oh, Frenchy save you la la la’s for me.
Oh! me

[Verse 2]
Rosie Green married Soldier Jean when his furlough time arrived,
She said, “Go pack your grip
We’ll take a trip on a big steam ship,”
Rosie Green took her soldier Jean down home somewhere in Maine,
They say her rural Pa and Ma,
Refused to do that oo la la,
But when she’s alone with him you’ll hear the same refrain,




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