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O Salutaris Hostia!

My Hope, my All, my Saviour Thou.

Sacred Trio

By John Wiegand

New York: J. Fischer & Bro. (1899)

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O Salutaris Hostia!
Quae Coeli, pandis ostium:
Bella premunt hostilia:
Da robur fer auxilium

O Salutaris Hostia!
Quae coeli pandis ostium:
Bella premunt hostilia:
Da robur fer anxilium.

Unitrinoque Domino,
Sit sempiterna gloria;
Qui vitam sone termino
Nobis donet in patria.
Qui vitam sine termino
No bis donet, donet in patria.
A men, Amen.

My hope, my all, my Saviour Thou!
To Thee, lo! now my soul I bow;
I feel the bliss
Thy wounds impart,
I find Thee, Saviour, in my heart.

Be Thou my strength,
be Thou my way,
Protect me thro' my life's short day;
In all my acts may wisdom guide,
And keep me, Saviour, by Thy side.

Correct, reprove, and comfort me;
As I have need, my Saviour be;
And if I should from Thee depart,
Then clasp me Saviour to Thy heart.
And If I should from Thee depart,
Then clasp me; clasp me
Saviour to thy heart.
Amen, Amen.



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