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Oh! You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’

Lyric by Edward Laska

Music by Albert Vete

New York: Artmusic Inc. (1918)

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Oh! You don’t know what you’re missin’,
If you never had no kissin’,
If you never had a laddie’s arm astealin ‘round your waist.
While them words of love he’s sighin’, even though you know he’s lyin’,
You don’t care because you’re happy, while you’re standin’ there embraced.
It’s the nearest you can ever get to heaven on this earth,
And altho’ you may pay dearly, still a broken heart it’s worth.

But then why be blue and dismal, there are other ladies too!
There are lots of other lips and arms awaitin’ just for you.

Oh! you don’t know what you’re missin’,
If you’re never gettin’ kissin’,
It’s an absolute necessity, as ev’ry one must know.
Just like eatin’, sleep an’, drinkin’,
Or like breathin’, walkin’, thinkin’,
Oh! you don’t know what you’re missin’,
If you’ve never had a beau.


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