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The Old Folks Are Gone

By G. Friedrich Wurzel (Geroge)

New York: William Hall & Son (1852)

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[Verse 1]
Far, far in many lands I’ve wander’d,
Sadly and lone,
My heart was ever turning southward,
To all the dear ones at home;
Here after all my weary roaming,
At early dawn,
I’ve come and find the cot still standing,
But oh the Old folks are gone.

Here I wander sad an lonely,
In the dear old home,
Those that I lov’d so well and fondly,
All all the old folks are gone.

[Verse 2]
Here’s where I frolick’d with my brother,
Under the tree,
Here’s where I knelt beside my mother,
From care and sorrow free;
Still sing, the little birds as sweetly,
At night and morn,
Still runs the little brook so fleetly,
But O the old folks are gone.


[Verse 3]
Down where the old banana’s waving,
They’re laid to rest,
Where Swanee’s peaceful water’s laving,
The green turf o’er their breast;
But there’s a home I know where parting,
Never can come,
Oh, for that home I must be starting,
There’s where the old folks are gone.



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