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On A Beautiful Night With A Beautiful Girl

Lyric by Will D. Cobb

Music by Gus Edwards

New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co. (1912)

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[Verse 1]
Summer night a rippling stream
King and queen dream love’s dream
Don’t intrude it would be mean
Happy only
By their lonely.
Pouting lips a question press
Love me dear answer yes
Head at rest on manly chest
Were you ever there?

On a beautiful night
With a beautiful girl
With your arms ‘round her tight
And your senses awhirl
O you joy night in June
O you souvenir spoon
Under the yellowy, mellow,
Look, but don’t tellowy moon.

(2nd ending)
Oh what a night (some night)
Oh what a girl (Oh what a night) some girl.

[Verse 2]
Chapter two the summer thro’
Fond adieu trains choo choo
Till next year nothing to do
In the Moon line,
In the Spoon line,
Christmas here to all good cheer
Greetings dear ain’t that queer
Hang it all just can’t recall
What was the girl’s name.




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