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On Miami Shore

(Golden Sands of Miami)

Words by William LeBaron

Music by Victor Jacobi

London: Chappell & Co., Ltd (1919)

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[Verse 1]
Down on the shore of Miami,
Lit by the moon above.
Kissed by the waves that are sighing,
Wonderful stories of love,
How can a fellow resist them?
Often I tried in vain,
There is a lure in Miami,
A pow’r that I can’t explain:

On the golden sands of old Miami shore,
There I always find a girl whom I adore,
Ev’ry year it seems to happen o’er and o’er,
On the golden sands where love commands Miami shore.

[Verse 2]
When I am far from Miami,
Far from it’s golden sands.
Still there is something that lures me,
Something no man understands,
Is it the whispering palm trees,
Off’ring their grateful shade!
Is it the silvery moonlight
Or is it perhaps a maid?



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