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William Lingard

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On The Beach At Long Branch

Written and Composed by William Lingard

New York: William A. Pond & Co. (1868)

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[Verse 1]
On the beach at Long Branch,
One fine Summers day,
I’d a novel reading,
To pass the time away,
And so interested was I in the plot,
A gent stood there beside me
Still I saw him not
Till at last my eyelids
I did chance to raise,
I sound him on me looking
With enraptur’d gaze
Bright blue eyes so sparkling
Handsome Gercian nose, teeth of pearly whiteness,
Quite the pink of beaux.

On the beach at Long Branch, one fine summers day,
I met this handsome man
Who stole my heart away;
Now I feel so blissful,
The happy moments glide,
The day is quickly coming
When I shall be his bride.

[Verse 2]
As like one awaking,
From some happy dream,
We glances did exchange,
His eyes with love did beam,
And e’er much time was over,
We began to chat,
Hours passed away,
Still he beside me sat;
And with ways so winning,
He did love impart,
My spirits rose as high
As the early morning lark
He told me that he lov’d me,
Said that all his life.
Would be to him worthless,
Unless I’d be his wife.


[Verse 3]
He said if I would marry
All troubles we would drown,
And live in blissful ignorance,
Of all the cares of town.
With soft persuasive power,
He told me of his love,
Vowing to be true
By all the stars above,
He ask’d me if I’d marry,
Press’d me then to say,
‘Till to his wishes yielding,
I nam’d the happy day
He said his cup of bliss was filled to the brim
He liv’d alone for me,
And I alone for him.




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