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On The Silvery Sea

Words by Anne Campbell

Music by Ira Hamilton

Chicago: Ellis & Armitage Music Publishing Co. (1913)

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[Verse 1]
When night’s shining moon turns to silver
All the brilliant hue of the sea’s deepest blue,
When softly the shadows are falling
Then I dream of you.
When borne on the night winds
I hear them singing love’s sweetest melody,
It brings back to me memories of days
We sailed on the silvery sea.

When we sailed on the silvery sea
And you told me you loved only me.
Moonbeams in your hair softly gleaming there,
Sailing ev’rywhere you and me
And we dreamed of the days when we’d sail life’s sea.
Love I’m ever true
Since I sailed with you
On the silvery sea.

[Verse 2]
When night is afire with the moonlight
Then the silvery sea ever calls you to me
The song that the sea waves are singing
Is love’s melody.
I cannot forget how you loved me in the dear happy days of yore,
My love shall endure while the tow’ring cliffs
Stand guard on the golden shore.



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