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Our Sammies Song

Lyrics by J. R. Shannon (James Royce)

Music by Carl D. Vandersloot

Williamsport, Penna.: Vandersloot Music Pub. Co. (1918)

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[Verse 1]
Where service flags are hanging,
They tell a tale of spirit true,
Of Uncle Sammie’s fighters
Three thousand miles across the ocean blue;
Of mothers proudly waiting
To welcome to their arms once more
Their own brave gallant Sammies,
After the war.
Marching on with Gen’ral John they proudly go,
Ever fearlessly to meet the foe
In the cause of right that they all know;
Gallantly they march to No Man’s Land
To take their stand, this mighty band,
Bringing freedom to the souls long oppress’d
They go from Freedom’s Land.

Ring again the bell of Liberty throughout the land in proclamation, for ev’ry nation; Wrest a world united from a tyrant’s bloody hand,
As you push onward, gallant Sammy Boy.
Where Old Glory leads you fight your fight for Uncle Sam,
The world’s behind you just to remind you
That father’s, mother’s, sister’s , brother’s hundred million pray’rs are ever with you all,
Sammy Boys.



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