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O’er Thee Alone

Song by W. T. Wrighton (William Thomas)

Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co. (1858-1876?)

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[Verse 1]
O’er thee alone, oh, gentle one,
May love unfold its wing,
And give thee shelter from the storms
Which coming years may bring.
Too frail art thou to bear the cold,
The blighting frost of time;
Thou’rt looking for a better land
A softer purer clime.

[Verse 2]
O’er thee dear one, in ev’ry hour,
May friendship’s blossoms bend,
And guard thee as a tender flow’r,
On which soft dews descend.
Ever to thee, so sweet, so frail,
Should fondest love be given
To keep the plant whose blossoms shall
Unfold their hues in heaven.



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