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The Parisian Ball

Words by Lew. Brown

Music by Herman Paley

New York: Paley Music Co. (1913)

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[Verse 1]
Tell me honey, would you like to see
The latest dance, that comes from gay Paree,
They’ll all be there, where?
At the old French Ball.
Hurry, honey, or we’ll miss the fun,
And if we do, you’ll feel so sorry hon,
And oh, oh, oh, oh,
I know you’ll love it so,
Let’s go, let’s go, or else we’ll miss the show.

At that Parisian Ball,
At that Parisian Ball,
We’ll see Marie do a rag from Paree,
You’ll clap your hands and you’ll shout with glee
Come along, come along,
Ev’ry body’s going to that Parisian Ball,
We’ll never go home at all,
If they say to you, Parlez Vous? Parlez Vous?
You simply answer why I do it too
La , la ,la ,la , la, la , la, la
Tell your ma, tell you’re pa,
You were at that Parisian Ball.

[Verse 2]
Naughty, haughty, little French soubrettes,
Will all be there to rag the minuets,
You’ll feel so great, wait, till we reach the hall.
We’ll see things we never saw before,
And we’ll do things we’d like to do some more,
And oh, oh, oh, oh just see the champagne flow,
Oh no, oh no, don’t say that you won’t go.



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