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Peace: The New Dawn

“Good will to all for ever more”

Lyric by Henry Erskine Smith

Music by Frederick J. Bacon

New York: H. E. Smith Pub Co. (1918)

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Its come oh boys its come
We’ve seen it from a far
The Victory is our
We’ve had our guiding star
Its justice truth and Liberty
For each and ev’ry one
Generations yet to come will bless you ev’ry son
The fiery clouds have now rolled on
The battles roar will cease
Its liberty for ev’ry one with peace oh! blessed peace
Let honor Love and friendship
Be the motto of us all
The fruits of Victory will be our everlasting call

Let all the World rejoice with us no more with sword in hand
Shall any one dare venture forth to invade anothers Land
Peace and good will to ev’ry one
From now and evermore.
Our Victory will make the World Better then before.



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