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Waltz Song

By Frederick Seymour and Fred W. Pike

Ohio: The Waldorf Music Pub. Co. Inc. (1919)

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[Verse 1]
Dear little girl I’m in a whirl
With a strange new emotion
Sometimes I’m sad
Sometimes I’m glad
Something’s wrong with my heart
Now honest and true
I think of you with a wond’rous devotion
I know dear you’re true
But still I feel blue
Thinking someday we’ll part.
And I start

Pining, Pining,
Wanting your smile all the while
Thoughts entwining
Seem to forever beguile
There’s no denying
Sweetheart mine, it is true
I’m always pining, pining, just for you.

[Verse 2]
Dreams come to me
Dreams dear of thee
Ev’ry night in my sleeping
Your guiding hand
Through slumber land
Divides the darkness so deep
And then at the morn
Sad and forlorn I awake, and I’m weeping
For you are not there
My loved one so fair
When the bright sunbeams peep.
And I keep



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