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Play That Song of India Again

Words by Leo Wood and Irving Bibo

New York: Leo. Feist Inc. (1921)

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[Verse 1]
There’s a melody I know that’s always haunting me,
Just a melody whose strain is always taunting me,
Awake or sleeping, it comes a creeping,
And oh, I love it so, I say where e’er I go:

Oh, pay that ‘Song of India’ again,
There’s something so appealing in each strain,
That seems to carry me far over the sea,
And I just seem to stray
Down near the bay at Mandalay;
No melody I ever heard before,
Can thrill me like that mystic wall yore;
I beg you Mister Music Man,
Just try to please me if you can,
And play that ‘Song of India’ once more.

There where Buddha dwells,
And temple bells softly ring;
There where lotus blooms,
And rare perfumes seem to bring,
Nights enchanted with a million lights,
That glimmer in the mystic heights,
Of Heaven, while each sweet heart plights love:

[Verse 2]
That sweet song of love Is all I’m ever thinking of,
That sweet song of love is like the cooing of a dove,
Each tone caressing, seems like a blessing,
For when its strains I hear my cares all disappear.




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