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Please Don’t Take My Lovin’ Man Away

Words by Lew Brown

Music by Albert Von Tilzer

New York: The York Music Co. (1912)

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[Verse 1]
I’ve cried till my heart’s broke in two
And I don’t know just what to do
Because I heard you say you’ll steal my man away
And never let him see his loving little baby I never knew till today
That you’d ever treat me this way
‘Cause you know I’m wild about my angel child
So I hope you’ll let him stay.

If I miss that kiss that brings me bliss then I will sigh
Yes I will sigh
If I lose that hug from my kissing bug, then I will cry, cry and maybe die
If that man ain’t near to call me dear,
I’m bound to go insane, I fear,
So on my knees, I beg you please
Kiss his pictures in the frames
Call him all the sweetest names
Write his letters ev’ry day
I won’t mind the things you say.
‘Cause I love, I love him only
Please don’t take my loving man away.

[Verse 2]
There’s plenty of fish in the brook
And all that you need is a hook
But I have had my wish and also caught my fish
And now I find it’s mighty hard to try and hold him you sure have won that man’s heart
And now that I feel we must part
Just listen once more while I please as before
Please don’t take my one sweetheart.



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