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Poor Pauline

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Poor Pauline

Words by Charles McCarron

Music by Raymond Walker

New York: Broadway Music Corporation (1914)

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[Verse 1]
I’m as worried as can be, all the movie show I see
Have that awful mystery, “Pauline and her perils.”
On a rope they dangle for her, then they choke and strangle her,
With an axe they mangle her always something new,
To make you shake they give her Paris green,
Or course her horse will neigh, “Nay Nay Pauline.”

Poor Pauline, I pity poor Pauline,
One night she’s drifting out to sea,
Then they tie her to a tree,
I wonder what the end will be, this suspense is awful.
Bing! Bang! they throw her off a cliff
They dynamite her in a submarine,

In the lions den she stands with fright,
Lion goes to take a bite
Zip goes the film Goodnight!
Poor Pauline.

Then the villain takes her on his knee,
Wonder what we’re goin’ to see
Zip goes the film Oh Gee!
Poor Pauline.

[Verse 2]
Handsome Harry’s always near, he will save her never fear.
Just in time he will appear, when Pauline’s in peril.
On a roof she fight for life, villain sticks her with a knife,
“Marry me or be my wife!” what will Pauline do?
But soon balloon with anchor swings around,
Pauline is seen and rescued upside down.




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