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Put Me In My Little Bed

Written by Dexter Smith

Music by C. A. White

Boston: White, Smith & Perry (1870)

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[Verse 1]
Oh! birdie, I am tired now,
I do not care to hear you sing;
You’ve sung your happy songs all day,
Now put your head beneath your wing;
I’m sleepy too as I can be,
And sister, when my pray’r is said,
I want to lay me down to rest,
So put me in my little bed.

Come, sister, come,
Kiss me good night,
For I my evening pray’r have said;
I’m tired now and sleepy too,
Come , put me in my little bed.

[Verse 2]
Oh! sister, what did mother say,
When she was call’d to Heav’n away?
She told me always to be good,
And never, never go stray;
I can’t forget the day she died,
She placed her hand upon my head,
She whisper’d softly, “keep my child,”
And then they told me she was dead.


[Verse 3]
Dear sister, come and hear my pray’r,
Now ere I lay me down to sleep,
Within my Heav’nly Father’s care,
While angels bright their vigils keep;
And let me ask of Him above,
To keep my soul in paths of right,
Oh! let me thank Him for His love,
Ere I shall say my last “good night.”




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