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Will S. Hays

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The Refugee

Composed by Will S. Hays.

Louisville, KY: Louis Tripp (1865)

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[Verse 1]
Farewell mother home and friends,
We may never meet again,
Soon ‘mid strangers I must roam,
Oh! the parting gives me pain,
Tho’ I wander far away,
Lonely o’er lifes stormy sea;
Who will shed one gentle tear,
For a wand’ring refguee.
Who will shed one gently tear,
For a wandr’ing refugee.

Mother, oh! farwell! I must go,
I’ll think of thee,
Oh! Mother, I must leave thee now,
I’m a wand’ring refugee.

[Verse 2]
Farewell sunny southern home,
Home I always lov’d so true
Oft’ will tear drops dim mine eyes,
When my mem’ry flies to you,
But the happy scenes of yore,
I alas will never see,
I’ll be roaming far away
A lonely wand’ring refugee.
I’ll be roaming far away
A lonely wand’ring refugee.



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