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Ripple Bay


Roy C. Phillips

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Ripple Bay


Words and Music by Roy C. Phillips

Providence, RI: R. C. Phillips (1913)

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[Verse 1]
Summertime’s here again, dearie,
It is time we went away,
I know the place to be cheery,
Just the finest place to stay.
Get out your hat and your coat, dear,
I just can’t bear the delay,
Oh just to hear again that sweet refrain
“All aboard for Ripple Bay!”

For Ripple Bay, dear, my heart is sighing.
Don’t you remember the day was dying?
Sound of the ripple was to me
Sweeter than Rubinstein’s melody
That was the time, dear, when out canoeing,
I took your hand, dear, my love renewing,
Asked you to be mine,
To be my own, true dearie,
How can I e’er forget dear, old Ripple Bay.

[Verse 2]
There may be many a bay,
Where you’ll find it much more gay,
Beautiful parks where to stray, dear,
And some ragtime bands to play.
Yet if I gave my opinion,
You know just what I would say,
For to my mind they are all left behind
When compared with Ripple Bay.



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