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Thos. S. Allen

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Under The Southern Moonlight

Words and Music by Thos. S. Allen

Boston: G. W. Setchell (1910)

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[Verse 1]
Way down South where the cotton am a growing,
Way down where the Mississippi’s flowing;
That’s the place I long to be going
Down in Dixie Land.
Seems I hear those banjo’s ringing
Way off I can hear the darkies singing;
Oh what joy those mem’ries am a bringing
From Dixie Land.

Under the Southern Moonlight,
Under the Southern skies,
That’s where I met my lady love,
That’s where I said “Good bye.”
Never no more I’ll leave her
Never no more I’ll roam,
Way down South in Dixie Land,
My Home Sweet Home.

[Verse 2]
Good old days can never be forgotten
Way down in the land of cane and cotton,
All around the folks am a squatin’
Singing Dixie Land.
There I left my dusky charmer,
Way down in the State of Alabama;
All I hope, is nothing comes to harm her
In Dixie Land.



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