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Up The HudsonOor On The Sound

Words & Music by Ganger & Sullivan

New York: New York Excursion Co. (1909)

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When it’s red hot in town and the sun’s beating down,
And you long for a breath of fresh air
There is only one way,
And of that I can say
The others with it can’t compare
In the day or the night,
Ev’ry thing is just right,
If you go up the Hudson or Sound
So take a straight tip
Just go on a trip
Where pleasure and comfort abound

Noons we go up the Hudson,
In the evening we’re on the Sound
In the steamer city of Worcester a floating palace is found
With music soothing our senses,
And a breeze blowing fresh and strong
It is one joyful song,
As we’re sailing along,
Up the Hudson or on the Sound.


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