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Avalon: Fox Trot Song

Lyrics & Music by Al Jolson & Vincent Rose

Arranged by Jens Bodwalt Lampe

New York & Detroit: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1920

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Note: A preview of 'Dearest One' also published by Remick & Co. is featured on the last page of this piece


[Verse] Ev'ry morning mem'ries stray
Across the sea where flying fishes play
And as the night is falling I find that I'm recalling
That blissful all enthralling day

[Chorus, repeat 2x] I found my love in Avalon
Beside the bay I left my love in
Avalon and sail'd away
I dream of her and Avalon
From dusk till dawn
And so I think I'll travel on
To Avalon

[Verse Two] Just before I sail'd away
She said the word I long'd to hear her say
I tenderly caress'd her
Close to my heart I press'd her
Upon that golden yesterday



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