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You Ask Me Why I’m Lonely Now


By Pietro Centemeri

Philadelphia: Lee & Walker (1857)

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You ask me why I’m lonely now
And why I sing no more;
And why the lute lies broke and still
And why my weary eye lids fill
With tear drops swimming o’er!
O close beside the ruined mill
The clods are red and new
Ah There is a grave on yonder hill
There is a form all cold and still,
Where once the roses, the roses grew,
Where once the roses, the roses grew.

O chide me not that thus I weep,
O ask me not to sing;
O it would be a mournful lay
And she is sleeping ‘mid the clay
I have no heart to sing.
I fain would smile as first I smiled
And sing as wont of yore,
Ah! But darkness sits upon the skies
Low on my heart a sorrow lies,
And I can sin, I can sing no more,
And I can sing, I can sing no more.


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