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Thomas H. Howe

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Your Blessing Dearest Mother

or the Soldier’s farewell

Ballad by T. (Thomas) H. Howe

Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co. (1861)

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[Verse 1]
Your blessing dear mother ere I fall asleep,
It may be my last, where you loving watch keep
The angels around me seem hovering near,
Whenever your blessing falls sweet on mine ear,
With morning’s first dawn I must up and away,
To scenes where stern duty is pointing the way;
When it leads me in danger, in hours of distress
I shall think of this hour and thy tenderness
Will linger in mem’ry to brighten the day,
That cheerless will seem when from thee far away;
But the soft wind of evening when the stars glimmer bright,
May waft me your blessing, your sweet good night.

[Verse 2]
Awaking at morning should you call in vain
For me, who would spare thee one moment of pain,
Remember I could not part seeing you weep,
And early departing I kissed you asleep;
My mother my country for thee will I fight,
I know that in time, God will prosper the Right,
Be cheerful , be hopeful, and calm should you hear
I fell on the battle field, others as near
Will fall there, but then oh! remember this night
Your blessing will linger in memory as bright.
Now once more your blessing so sweet to my ear
And then may god bless you, my mother dear.


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