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Au Revoir, But Not Good-Bye-(Soldier Boy)

Words by Lew Brown

Music by Albert Von Tilzer

Broadway Music Corporation
Will Von Tilzer, President
145 West 45th St New York

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[Verse One]
So you're leaving me today,
Solider boy
And you're going far away,
Solider boy
There's a tear drop in your eye,
For its hard to say "Good-Bye,"
But you're out to do or die,
Soldier Boy
All the things we planned to do,
I am sure will all come true,
And I'll watch and wait for you,
Solider boy

[Chorus, repeat 2x]
"Au revoir" but not "Good-Bye,"
Solider boy
Brush that tear drop from your eye,
Solider Boy
When you're on the deep blue sea,
Will you sometimes think of me?
I'll be waiting anxiously,
Solider boy
Tho' we're many miles apart,
Solider boy
Keep my picture near your heart,
Solider boy
When you've won your victory,
God will bring you back to me,
"Au revoir" but not "Good-Bye,"
Solider Boy

[Verse Two]
I am proud to see you go,
Solider boy
And it makes me love you so,
Solider boy
There's your mother old and gray,
I will cheer her up each day,
And will always hope and pray,
Solider boy
When your fighting days are through,
For the old Red White and Blue,
We'll be here to welcome you,
Solider boy


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