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A comedy "Lisping" Song, Ties the Tongue but Loosens the Laugh

Dedicated to "Fatty" Arbuckle, The Famous Paramount Comedian

New York: Jos. W. Stern & Co. (1919)

102-104 W 38th St

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[Verse 1]
Sweetest girl I ever saw,
Was selling cider in a groc’ry store,
At half-past six when the sun would set,
I used to go to see my pet
She’d take the key and lock the door,
We’d get some cider and a big long straw.

Thipping thider thru a thtraw,
we sat there for hours or more,
I thipped firtht and she thipped latht,
But she thipped motht because she thipped tho fatht

[Ending 1]
We thipped till our thtraw did thlip,
And I thipped thider from her lip,
That;s how I won my mother-in-law,
Thipping thider thru a big, long thtraw.

[Verse 2]
When first I saw her with a straw,
Said I to “she,” “What are you doing that for?”
Said she to me: “Why don’t you know, That sipping cider’s all the go?”
She was so sweet, as sweet can be,
But sipping cider was the end of me.


[Ending 2]
Cheek to cheek like Paw and Maw,
We thipped till our lipth got sore,
Now I’ve got ten kids or more,
Thipping thider thru a big, long, thtraw


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