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Sleepy Head

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Featured by Gino Severi and his Imperial Theater Orchestra

San Francisco: Adrian-Reece Inc. (1921)

908 Market Street, San Francisco

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[Verse 1]
Evenin’ time down on the old plantation
Pickaninny in his Mammy’s arms
Tries with all his might
To make his eyes shine bright
Mammy knows it’s just an imitation
Time for tired eyes to close in slumber
Let old Mister Sandman have his way
Sleepy eyelids close
Off to bed he goes
While his Mammy croons this lullabye

Little Sleepy head
Snuggle in your bed,
‘Cause your play time’s fled;
Time for sleep instead;
Heed the sandman’s cries,
Close your drowsy eyes,
Your old mammy’s wise
You’re nothing but a little sleepy head.



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