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New York: Firth Son & Co. (1864)

Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the library or the institution.


[Verse 1]
Folks, I’m a Jarsey notion,
It isn’t any bragging,
My father fit in the Revolution
He driv a baggidge waggin,
And one fine day he started out,
All foor to git some fuil,
But came back baly wownded,

“Jes’ so, Jes’ so;” strange things do come to pass!
Some pesky critter stole from me a borril o’ apple crass

[Verse 2]
I courted Patty Bigelow,
But for a friend made tracks,
Or John Ellsley would have been my son
If he hadn’t been old Zack’s
A Brindil Cow Case I have got;
I’ll win it, for I swow,
A smart young lawyer sure could ride
To Congress on my Cow.


[Verse 3]
I called upon a merchant big,
And on young Ellsley, too;
Ses I, “Woah-oh, you Cattill,
Why, Mr. Winslow – how doo you doo?
My waggin’s standin’ jest outside,
To a post my mare I tied her,
And I want you temperance cuss to pay
For that ere borril o’ cider”


[Verse 4]
I pried about, an’ I looked around,
But didn’t do nothin’ rash;
I found a pistil, a flask o’ rum
, And the account of Doctor Cash.
And while I talked about old Si,
And Nobby, my bloomin’ lass,
Some critter from my waggin stole
A borril o’ Apple Sass.


[Verse 5]
“Perhaps,” thinks I, “this Otis Boy,
Who stole a watch and chain,
Did steal my sass;” so off I starts,
And into Court I came,
Got swored right through,
and tuk a cheer,
Bet felt a little Noddy,
For I had three cents worth of clams,
And a glass o’ good rum toddy.


[Verse 6]
“Next witness!” I was called upon
Jes’ for to speak the truth.
Ses I, “Here, Jedge, hand me a pen;
I want to pick my tooth!”
I bothered all the law chaps;
They thought I was an ass;
They made but little out o’me
Or my Borril o’ apple sass


[Verse 7]
Any feller what ‘ud steal a watch,
‘Ud steal a borril o’ sass;
It’s main strength with them critters,
No pints o’ morals pass.
Be careful how you let hot rum,
An’ clams togither mingle,
And when the Sass Case does come off,
Jes’ call on Solon Shingle!


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