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Song of Love

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The Messrs Shubert present Blossom Time
A Musical Play in Three Acts

By Dr A. M. Willner and Heinz Reichert
Music adapted from melodies of Franz Schubert and Heinrich Berté by S. Romburg by arr. with M. Witmark & Sons

Published by Leo Feist Inc - 235 W. 40th Street - New York
By arrangement with Karczag Publishing Co Inc, 62 West 45th New York

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[Schubert] Once on a time,
In a kingdom by the sea,
Lived a young prince sad and lonely,

[Mitzi] Under enchantment of magic mystery,

[Schubert] To be set free by one only.

[Mitzi] Weary he waited while years sped along,
Came then a maid pure and holy

[Schubert] Love broke the spell so the story books tell,

[Mitzi] And he laid at her feet this song:

[Schubert] You are my song of love, melody immortal, Echo of Paradise
Heard through Heaven’s portal

[Mitzi] Soft your music is singing, bringing
Secrets sweet in its song to me,

[Schubert] Your vision shines on me from above,

[Mitzi & Schubert] You are my song of songs,
All the glory of love.


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