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Irving Berlin

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New York: Irving Berlin, Inc. (1922)

1607 Broadway

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[Verse 1]
My heart goes pitter patter,
No one knows what’s the matter,
Just received a telegram from Alabam’ my home
That’s why I’m gonna worry ‘till the time when I hurry,
Right back to that cabin door,
Never more to roam.

Some sunny day with a smile on my face,
I’ll go back to that place far away;
Back to that shack
And that red headed hen,
She’ll say “How have you be’n”
Then go back to the hay and lay me my breakfast.
Some sunny day I’ll be on that express
Flying away to my little bunch of happiness
Oh, how I pine,
For those lips sweet as wine,
They’ll be pressed close to mine,
Some sunny day

[Verse 2]
Sunny spring is the season
When birds sing, there’s a reason
Rolling stones who hear their song,
begin to long for home.
Lohengrin Mister Verdi don’t begin with a birdie
Telling you to go back home,
Never more to roam



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