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Striking Ile


Dan D. Emmett

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New York: William A. Pond & Co. (1865)

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[Verse 1]
The world it revolves on its own axletree,
Once in twenty-four hours, says G. O. Grafee;
The axle got hot and the world stopt awhile
And the people have all gone to “boring for ile.”

Never strike ile!
Never strike ile!
People get loony: run mad for a while,
They’ll bore thro’ to China, before they strike ile!

[Verse 2]
There’s lawyers and doctors, and men of all grades,
Men that live by their wits, and men that have trades;
Thro’ old Pennsylvania they’re trudg’d many mile,
With their forty food auger, they’re going to “strike ile!”


[Verse 3]
Maxmillian in Mexico, has a hard time,
His pockets are empty, he’s not worth a dime;
There’s no blood in turnips: he’ll not make a pile,
If he lives till he dies, he will never “strike ile!”


[Verse 4]
John Bull in his dotage has smelled a big rat,
He’d rather meet Satan, than one democrat;
There’s a doctrine called Monroe will stir up his bile,
He may run the blockade, but he’ll never “strike ile!”


[Verse 5]
Napoleon the little had lately grown thin,
He’s trouble with nightmare and “Duke Dr. Gwin;”
We’ve a small bill against him; Abe’s got it on file!
Then to balance his leger – he’ll have to “strike ile!”


[Verse 6]
Jeff Davis in Richmond don’t get along well;
“His Southern Confederacy’s nought but a shell;”
Let him brag and eat fire in true Southern style,
He may dig his “last ditch-“ but he’ll never “strike ile!”



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