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Tell Her of My Love

Solo or Duet

New York: Frank K. Root & Co. (1918)

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[Verse 1]
Mem’ry takes me back in dreams
Where Hawaiian moonlight gleams
Vine flow’rs are swinging, someone is singing,
‘Round my heart fond mem’ries are clinging,
For there I stole a heart away
By the moonlit bay,
Dreaming of Hawaiian moonlight,
Seems I hear her say.
“Come back to me,
Come back to me,
I love but thee,
I love but thee.
Here by the sea at Waikiki,
Come back to me,
Come back to me.”

[Verse 2]
Sweet Hawaiian moonlight fair
Guard my dear one sleeping there,
Memories lend her love dreams so tender,
Whisper soft the message I send her.
Ah! Kiss her, dreaming ‘mid the flow’rs,
Shining from above,
Bring her back those golden hours,
Wond’rous moon of love.
Sweet Hawaiian moonlight,
Tell her of my love


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