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Baby In Love

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A baby in love, lyric by Harold Atteridge, music by Alfred Goodman and R. Benatzky. The Tama Music Publishing Corp. New York Drei Masken-Verlag, Berlin.

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You are young, but you seem older:
You've scarcely started in your 'teens.
For a child you seem much bolder:
In love's game you know "some ways and means" I can't think now,
Or figure how,
But I'll allow You've aged I vow.
Oh! in this modern generation
They quickly grow,
How soon they show!

A Baby, A Baby, A Baby in love,
But maybe,
Yes maybe,
Some tricks you know of you never look wise,
Just a child-like surprise,
But i am afraid of your eyes
You chatter and patter, as babies all do,
Amazed at, you've gazed at things new
But any vampire naughty is mild as a dove.
Compared to a Baby in Love. Love.

Lots of little things I'm learning,
For instance, won't you tell me this
Why is it I'm always yearning,
Just to know the meaning of a kiss?
Though I'm a child, I'm not so wild.
But tell me when I'll meet the men,
And! is a hug so really lovely?
I'd like to know,
I wish you'd show!



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