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Baby Shoes

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Words by Joe Goodwin and Ed Rose
Music by Al Piantadosi

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Imagine the love of a child for its toys,
The love of a bird for its mate,
Imagine the love of a miser for gold,
Then imagine a love twice as great,
If you multiply each love a million times o'er,
It won't be half the love that a mother has for:
(to Refrain)

Baby shoes,
Baby shoes,
Mother will never forget them,
You have forgotten when your feet were bare,
Mother remembers, she still has a pair of
Baby shoes,
Baby shoes,
To keep them the world she'd refuse,
If she had to choose, her life would lose,
Before she'd part with her baby's shoes.

Lone in the attic she fondles those shoes,
and wonders where her boy has gone,
And over those shoes she is saying a pray'r,
She is praying to keep him from harm,
In her heart there is gladness, tho' her eyes are wet,
Ev'ry mother remembers, while you may forget:
(to Refrain)



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