Historic Sheet Music Collection

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MacIntosh Collection

New York : Hitland Music Publishers, c1907.

Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the library or the institution.


[Verse 1]
When I was a boy my father said to me,
Always try to be a Carnegie

Save up ev’ry penny, boy, that you may earn,
And you may in return have money to burn;
Never spend your money for those foolish things,
Such as buying Auto’s and diamond rings,
Just keep on a pushing ‘till you’ve forged ahead,
You’re a long time dead, he said:

Ev’ry little bit added to what you’ve got makes just a little bit more,
That’s the lesson I learned at school that two and two make four,
Save up your pennies and all of your rocks,
And you’ll always have tobacco in your old tobacco box,
For ev’ry little bit added to what you’ve got, makes just a little bit more.

[Verse 2]
I followed father’s teachings as a good boy should,
And it did me good, as he said it would,
Today you see in me a man of wealth and rank I can turn the crank on the National Bank:
If someone doesn’t wake me from this golden dream,
I’ll make the grand old Eagle scream,
Thro’ Dad’s advice o’er Monte Cristo I will shine,
For the world is mine, in time:



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