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He's Me Pal

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MacIntosh Collection

New York : M. Witmark & Sons, ©1905.

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[Verse 1]
I know a lad and when I feel bad
He drives all me troubles away,
When he’s your friend, he’s your to de end
No matter what others may say;
He don’t tell me how I ought to be,
He likes me just as I am,
So, when I gets blue, he’s the one I go to
For his heart is as big as a ham.

He’s me pal, he’s me pal
Dere ain’t nobody else I can see,
I know he’s dead tough, but his love ain’t no bluff
He’s share his last dollar with me;
I’d rather have him with his fifteen a week
Than be some old millionaire’s gal,
He’s de best ever wuz, and I loves him becuz
He’s me pal, he’s me pal.

[Verse 2]
My pal is poor, but I am dead sure
He’s better than most millionaires,
I’m satisfied when he’s at me side
Me joys and me troubles he shares;
I’d give me arm to keep him from harm,
He’d do de same thing for me,
He’ll always be there, stormy weather or fair,
That’s de reason I likes him, you see.


[Verse 3]
Friends may be few, friends may be true
But I have one dear friend of old,
Bless her dear heart, we will never part
For she loves me better than gold,
When she is near I have no fear,
No harm to me can befall,
She’s patient, resigned, she is loving and kind
And I know she’s the best friend of all

[3rd Chorus]
She’s me pal, she’s me pal
She’s the very best friend that I know,
Her herat’s full of love as the heavens above,
She’s drives away sorrow and woe,
I’ll try to repay all her kindness to me
And if God be willing I shall,
I have one friend that’s true, dear old mother that’s you,
You’re me pal, you’re me pal


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