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Honey Boy

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MacIntosh Collection

New York (40 West 28th St., New York) : The York Music Co., c1907.

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[Verse 1]

Must you really sail away my Honey Boy
Must you go
Don’t you know
When your ship sails down the bay, my Honey Boy
I’ll be true to my Honey Boy, to you
For I love you best of all, my Honey Boy
Don’t you sigh
Time will fly
When you’re on the deep blue sea,
Try and think sometimes of me,
I’ll be waiting anxiously, Honey Boy.

Honey Boy I hate to see you leaving Honey Boy
You know my heart is grieving
When you are sailing,
Sailing o’er the sea Honey Boy, Honey Boy,
And if ever you should take a notion
To come sailing home across the ocean
Honey Dear, never fear,
I’ll be waiting, waiting, waiting for you Honey Boy

[Verse 2]
When you come back again my Honey Boy
You can guess I’ll say yes
I’ll walk down the village lane, my Honey Boy
To the church, my Honey Boy, with you
We’ll be wed and settle down, my Honey Boy
With you dear
Always near In a cottage all our own,
Just for you and me alone,
It will be our Home sweet Home, Honey Boy



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